To touch - being touched – to be touched can emerge as a deep need within us.

When our inner being is touched, we experience ourselves in contact with life and a state of connection.

Touching the body happens in a way as free of intention as possible. This supports one´own perception, allows presence to grow and puts me in contact with my inner states of being.

In the non-verbal dialogue between touching and being touched I can experience myself in relation to the inside and the outside.


Personal work is part of Initiatic Therapy, wich was founded and developed by Karlfried Graf Dürckheim.


1997 - 2001: Training as a Grinberg practitioner

Since 2001: Process support in individual work

Since 2007: Advanced training in Personal Somatic Work with Elisabeth Haas, Jungian analyst and therapist in Initiatic Therapy (after Dürckheim)

Since 2012: Process support in individual lessons with personal work under supervision